Elephantcandy is all about Music and Sound

Elephantcandy is all about Music and Sound. More specifically, audio software development for mobile devices. Elephantcandy offers a combination of high level audio technology and optimal performance for specific devices.
We focus our knowledge and passion on developing ways how people can enjoy listening to, or make, music. The company, based in Amsterdam, is founded by Niels Bogaards and Victor Bergen Henegouwen in 2010.
Elephantcandy is a research-focused company that provides state-of-the-art music processing- and analysis technology to the mobile (music) industry.


We have over 15 years of experience in professional sound software development. Key competences include:

  • Sound analysis, processing and synthesis;
  • Design and implementation of art DSP algorithms;
  • ARM processor optimization;
  • NEON and VFP floating point vector optimization;
  • C, C++, Objective-C and Java;
  • GUI design.

Elephantcandy has worked with companies in many industries including Music, Film, TV & Radio Broadcast, Corporate A/V, Consumer Electronics, and Telecommunications.

The Team

Elephantcandy consists of a lively bunch of passionate professionals. Research fanatics. Music lovers. Number crunchers. Dwellers of dance city Amsterdam.

Programmers who spend their free time brewing beer and visiting fantasy fairs, who wear scruffy t-shirts all year round because ‘even if it freezes outside, it’s still 20 degrees indoors.’ Makes sense.

Designers whose thoughts have adopted the form of lines, dots and patterns, and who refuse to leave their drawing boards at lunchtime if the color of the cheese doesn’t go well with that of the bread.

Marketing guys who find themselves hugely fashionable with their horn-rimmed glasses and red-laced sneakers and who love to hear themselves go bla bla bla, but who mean well, really, after all.

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