The Real Record Player

Vinyl – the Real Record Player

Vinyl - the Real Record Player - turns your iPad into a vintage record player. Listen to your music the old-fashioned way, while enjoying a crisp design, high-quality sound and cool technical gizmos.
Vinyl consists of seven different record players, from plastic toy player to full-fledged hi-fi. Every record player allows you to travel back to an old-school music experience. From the 1940’s to the start of the new millennium: Vinyl gives you the unique look, feel and sound.
What’s more, records get gray and scratchy when played frequently. But don’t worry, you can restore them anytime by tapping the magical clean button. And wait ’till you shake your iPad! Give it a try.

Great App!
These Record Players are so realistic that you almost feel like you are playing real records. The Sound effects (like Record scratch, hum from the Tubes in the 40′s player, etc) make this App a lot of fun!


Awesome i love it
This is very close to the vinyl experience. Nice realistic retro sound. Lots of attention to detail in recreating the peculiarities of each record player.


Comment, Request & Bug Report

If you have any comments, requests or bugs to report regarding Vinyl, please contact us.
Do specify the iOS version you are using.

You can also find support on this page.

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