Audio & Research

Mobile music and sound has always been our main focus and passion. Creating pocket-sized synthesizers with multi-touch and gyroscopic control just makes our hearts beat faster, being the bunch of geeks we are.

Over the years, we have become skilled at optimizing algorithms for mobile processors. We know how to deal with low-powered, multitasking devices and the quirks of various low-level audio API’s.

Besides the more common tasks like synthesis and MIDI, we are especially excited about sound analysis and the use of analysis algorithms in assisted user interfaces and guided sound processing. Another important topic is the (graphical) representation of sound.

Elephantcandy is always on the lookout for new uses and applications. Since the best way to stay up to date is to do research yourself, we develop our own algorithms, actively participate in scientific conferences and maintain an ongoing relationship with the University of Amsterdam. We are also one of the early adopters of Audiobus.