How do I use the equalizer?
EQu for Spotify’s equalizer is a linear-phase design, operating on more than 1000 discrete frequency bands for smooth processing without spatial distortion and ringing artifacts.
Using equalization, sound can be tuned to optimally match the frequency response of a specific set of speakers or headphones, compensate for the acoustics of the room or emphasize a certain characteristic of the music.
Finding the optimal equalization curve for a given situation can be an art; play with EQu for Spotify’s equalization curve to find the perfect sound. Be careful to not just boost frequencies: applying too much boost can result in distortion of the sound. EQu for Spotify’s spectrum will turn red when distortion is likely to occur.
The Audio Boost curve
While it’s hard (if not impossible) to create an equalization setting that improves all music in any circumstance, the preset Audio Boost curve adds power to the bass and improves the definition of the music when using the iPhone’s built-in soundcard and earbuds. For a wider selection of equalization curves specifically designed for various music styles, upgrade to get the 21 EQu for Spotify presets (in-app purchase). For real audiophiles, the Full version (in-app purchase) allows the creation of custom curves to optimally match your taste and sound system.
How do I play the music via AirPlay / My music plays over the wrong speaker, why?
EQu for Spotify supports sound playback via various speakers, both internal to the iPhone and via AirPlay. To select your preferred audio destination, tap the AirPlay icon that appears next to the volume slider when the loudspeaker icon is tapped.
If the sound coming from your iPhone is weak and thin, check in the AirPlay menu that audio is not being output through the telephone receiver speaker, but through the Speakers.
Why can’t I use a free Spotify account?
Spotify allows third-party apps such as EQu for Spotify to access their music. This access is however restricted by Spotify to premium accounts only.
Why can’t I make any playlist available offline?
Currently it is not possible to mark a playlist as offline using EQu for Spotify. As soon as Spotify facilitates offline syncing for third-party apps, we will add this to EQu for Spotify.
Why can’t I find my offline tracks?
Offline tracks are not supported in EQu for Spotify (see previous question). Moreover, if you have any tracks offline in the Spotify app, it is impossible to access these tracks in any other app, including EQu for Spotify.
The sound is distorting, why?
Depending on the input signal, boosting using the EQ will cause internal distortion. This is also indicated by the spectrum peaks turning red. Adjust the preset or curve to avoid distortion.
I have purchased the presets / full version on another device. How can I get them on this device?
When you opened the EQu for Spotify in-app store, select Restore in the top-right corner. This will restore your previous purchase(s).
This product uses Music by Spotify but is not endorsed, certified or otherwise approved in any way by Spotify. Spotify is the registered trademark of the Spotify Group.

Comment, Request & Bug Report

If you have any comments, requests or bugs to report regarding EQu for Spotify, please contact us.
Do specify the version of EQu for Spotify (which you can find in the top-left corner of the info screen), as well as the iOS version you are using.