Frequently Asked Questions

I hear no sound
Audio output may be turned off to prevent feedback when both the internal microphone and speakers are used. Check in the Settings menu if the Master Volume slider is present or a warning message is shown. Connect headphones, a microphone or audio interface to your iPad, or load Flection inside an Audiobus or Inter-App Audio setup to start playing.
Where can I find the pre-equalizer?
In the Shape screen, select the Spectrum view in the top-left corner of the screen (either in I/O or Difference mode). The orange horizontal line across the spectrum view is your equalization curve. Drag the left, middle or right part to adjust the curve, and horizontally pinch the middle section to adjust the central Q.
The sound is distorting, why?
Waveshaping intrinsically distorts the sound, altering the audio amplitudes and introducing harmonics. If the sound is too loud or clips undesirably, try adjusting the Pre Amp and Post Amp to keep the sound within limits. Also keep an eye on the DC Filter in the bottom-right, which will blink whenever a DC offset is introduced.
I don't understand how this works.
Flection comes with an extensive manual that explains the theory behind waveshaping, as well as how the app works. You can find it under the Elephantcandy logo in the top-right of the screen.
Can I process audio from other apps ?
Flection supports Audiobus and Inter-App Audio connectivity, so it can receive sound from and send sound to other Audiobus-enabled or IAA apps.
My input sound is mono!
When the iPad is using external multi-channel audio hardware with a mono source (such as a guitar), it may be necessary to switch Flection to Mono Source mode. In the Settings menu, select either L or R to use just that channel. Choose L+R for normal stereo input.

Comment, Request & Bug Report

If you have any comments, requests or bugs to report regarding UltraPhaser, please contact us.
Do specify the version of Flection (which you can find under the settings menu), as well as the iOS version you are using.