Frequently Asked Questions

Does PerfectTune support other instruments than stringed instruments?
PerfectTune’s user interface and pitch detection algorithm are specifically tuned for stringed instruments. However, in Tone mode, PerfectTune works quite well on other instruments, such as wind instruments, as well.
Which instruments does PerfectTune support?
PerfectTune has configurations for Guitar, Bass Guitar, 4, 5 and 6-string Banjo, 7 and 8-string Guitars, 5 and 6-string Lute, Ukelele, Baritone Ukelele, Cavaquinho, Mandolin, Violin, Viola, Cello and Viol.
Which tunings are available?
For each instrument, PerfectTune comes with a large number of tunings, ranging from classic Guitar tunings like Open-G and Dropped-D to specific tunings like Robert Fripp’s New Standard Tuning and Canadian Ukelele. In addition, you can add your own tuning using the Custom Tuning Editor.
Why is PerfectTune the fastest tuner?
PerfectTune’s custom designed algorithm is conceived from the ground up with speed in mind. Using specific timbral features of string sounds, the algorithm can decide on a pitch quicker than conventional general purpose tuning algorithms.
Why is my stringed instrument not supported?
We test each instrument extensively, and adapt the algorithm to its specific timbral content. Only instruments that we tested are listed as supported instruments. However, the app is likely to work with similar instruments to the ones that are supported (like Kora, Tres, Bandura and Tonkora).

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