Frequently Asked Questions

What does the graph in the middle show ?
The LFO Control shows you the Low Frequency Oscillator (LFO) that drives the phaser. There are two LFO’s, one for each audio channel. You can see their amplitude ("width"), shape and relative phase shift. You can also see the current phase of the LFO’s, which moves on according to the frequency.
Drag left or right to adjust the phase shift, drag up or down to adjust the width.
What does the graph on the right show ?
The Vectorscope plots the left audio channel versus the right audio channel. Left goes along the top-left to bottom-right diagonal and right along the top-right to bottom-left diagonal. Hence the difference between left and right can be visualized. A stereo sound that is positioned more to one side will lean to the corresponding diagonal. A mono sound will show up as a straight vertical line in the middle. UltraPhaser induces phase shifts between left and right which result in great differences.
I hear no sound
Audio output may be turned off to prevent feedback when both the internal microphone and speakers are used. Check in the Settings menu if the Master Volume slider is present or a warning message is shown.
The sound is distorting, why ?
A phaser works by splitting the audio into a signal that is phase-processed and a signal that remains unprocessed. These signals are then added together (the Depth parameter specifies how much of the processed signal is added). Due to the phase shifts some frequencies will be cancelled while others will be amplified. Therefore the audio can become louder. When it becomes too loud it will eventually "clip" (sounding distorted). Use the Output Gain to attenuate the audio when it distorts.
Can I process audio from other apps ?
UltraPhaser supports Audiobus for inter-app audio connectivity, so it can receive sound from and send sound to other Audiobus-enabled apps.
What does the Low Latency switch do ?
The switch toggles Low Latency mode on and off. With Low Latency mode enabled, UltraPhaser introduces virtually no delay between the sound’s input and output. However, not all hardware is compatible with the low latency setting, and Audiobus currently doesn’t support it.
My input sound is mono!
When the iPad is using external multi-channel audio hardware with a mono source (such as a guitar), it may be necessary to switch UltraPhaser to Mono Source mode. In the Settings menu, select either L or R to use just that channel. Choose Stereo for normal stereo input.

Comment, Request & Bug Report

If you have any comments, requests or bugs to report regarding UltraPhaser, please contact us.
Do specify the version of UltraPhaser (which you can find under the settings menu), as well as the iOS version you are using.