Frequently Asked Questions

My music sounds strange. Help?
We made it that way. All record players have their own unique sound – based on the era’s available technology.
Why can’t I play streaming music, such as Pandora and Spotify?
Vinyl enables you to play all music in your iTunes music library. Unfortunately, we aren’t allowed to access music made available by third parties, like Pandora and Spotify.
A record is marked as “unavailable”, why is that?
There are several reasons why a track cannot be played. It might be damaged, it might be protected by DRM (Digital Rights Management) or it might be in iCloud. A DRM-protected track can only be played by software that is allowed to play it. Playing a track using iTunes in the Cloud or iTunes Match requires downloading it from the Cloud. Up to now, tracks stored in the Cloud cannot be accessed by developers to provide something more than regular playback.
How do I correctly lift the pick-up arm?
Every record player arm comes with a small handle, which enables you to lift the pick-up arm instead of dragging it.
My record looks gray. How come?
The more often you play your records, the grayer and scratchier they get. Just like real ones. Unlike real ones, there’s a solution. Just tap the clean button and your record will look shiny and sound crisp again.
Why is there only one track on an LP?
Vinyl distributes your album tracks to both sides of your virtual record. If you have only two or three tracks of an album, you’ll see just one track on one side of the LP – and one or two on the other.
Does my music get ruined by scratching the record?
No, it won’t. Knock yourself out. Your music will stay unharmed.
When I flip my single it shows the same track. Why is this?
Vinyl doesn’t do B-sides. Every single consists of only one track. Do you want to hear more tracks of the same album? Just select the LP.
What does Groove Clean exactly do?
Groove Clean is your magic dust wipe. Not only does it make your records black and shiny again, it also removes any scratches you (or your “friends”) happen to have made.
My album has more tracks than on the LP, where are they?
Vinyl limits the number of tracks that is loaded as LP to 20, because otherwise tracks might get too narrow on the record. For that reason as well as for maintaining responsiveness, an LP also has a maximum length of 100 minutes.

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